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Perfecting the Art of the Dog


2024 Training Packages

Hourly Rate (Non-package Training) - $145.00


Bronze Package (Group Basic Obedience Class) - $225.000

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Sit \ Stay

  • Down \ Stay

  • Standing Wait

  • Off

  • Leave It

  • Come


Silver Training Package (Private Lessons) - 7 Sessions - $980.00 

  • 1 Session / Week X 7 Weeks (Requires owner participation in training sessions and daily reinforcement sessions)

  • All Bronze Package Obedience Behaviors

  • Place


Silver Plus Training Package (Private Training) – 10 Sessions - $1375.00

  • 1 Session / Daily M-F X 2 Weeks (Trainer conducts all training AND provides owner instruction each session)

  • All Bronze Package Obedience

  • Place


Gold Training Package (Private Training) 15 sessions - $2025.00

  • All Bronze Package Obedience Behaviors

  • Place

  • Public Socialization


Platinum Training Package (Private Training - Off-leash Obedience* or Behavior Modification**) - 20 Sessions - $2650.00

  • (E-collar + $340.00 - Educator EZ-900 w/ bungee strap & comfort pad)

  • All Bronze Package Obedience Behaviors

  • Place

  • Public Socialization 

  • Off-leash Obedience*

  • Trigger Desensitization / Behavior Adjustment Training**


Annual Maintenance Package

(1 Session / Month w/ Annual Contract)

  • $145.00 / Monthly - 1st Dog

  • $125.00 / Monthly - 2nd Dog

  • $110.00 / Each - Additional Sessions

Group Obedience Class

Off-leash Obedience

Service Dog Training

Private Training

Service Dog Training

About  Jim Smith, Master Trainer

Jim is a certified master trainer and a top graduate of the prestigious Highland Canine School for Dog Trainers in Harmony, NC.  Jim is qualified in multiple facets of dog training including both basic and advanced obedience, Off-leash obedience, behavior modification, competitive and agility sports, service and therapy dogs, search and rescue, both narcotics and explosives detection, and trailing.  He brings over 10 years of experience working with dogs ranging from pet obedience training to managing military working dogs during his 21-year military career and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Jim's passion lies in training service dogs for disabled adults and children.  he has been privileged to train many service dogs for multiple tasks to make life more manageable for adults with disabilities ranging from PTSD to reduced mobility and medical alert requirements.  Additionally, he has worked with numerous families to train and integrate service dogs for children helping to mitigate the effects of autism, food allergies, reduced mobility, and diabetic emergencies.

Jim is committed to merging the most recent developments in canine science with the highest quality training equipment to take each pet or working dog to the next level.  he approaches dog training as an art form by earning each dog's trust through communication, consistency and fair and balanced training.  Jim can often be seen around Joplin with his training assistants "Lady Belle" and "Koda".

Contact Jim at or 620-762-6608

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